About Zurich

Founded in 1872, Zurich is part of Zurich Insurance Group which is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Over the years Zurich has been the winner of several independent industry awards, including Best Individual Protection Provider 2021, by the Health and Protection awards. Zurich pride themselves on sustainability and planting trees on behalf of their policyholders, is just one of  the actions they’ve taken in the UK.


Additional benefits

Zurich support services

If you have a policy with Zurich Life you will have access to the Zurich Support Services programme. This offers:

Telephone counselling and other support services
Which can help in a range of situations in your daily life, from searching for childcare to moving home.

Also available is a telephone counselling session service, offering up to six sessions with a qualified counsellor.

  • Free and confidential health and wellbeing service
  • Can be used throughout the lifetime of the policy
  • No limit on queries or issues
  • Up to five sessions of professional counselling
More about Zurich support service

Claims paid statistics

In 2020, Zurich paid £353.7m in protection claims across critical illness, income protection and life insurance – an increase of 23% from 2019.

Zurich support service
The full range of services and how to access them can be found here on this PDF: Zurich support services

Full details on latest claims paid
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Useful contacts and numbers

Make a claim
You can notify Zurich of an income protection, critical /terminal illness, waiver of payment or life insurance claim by completing the online claim form: click here

You can call 0370 243 0827 the UK based team from Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm

For life insurance claims email:

For income protection and waiver of premium claims email:

Critical illness, terminal illness and children’s critical illness:

For Multi-fracture and all other claims: