September 12, 2012


Why ‘index link’ your life insurance policy?

  • In 1982 (35 years ago) a litre of fuel cost about 35 pence* (by 2017 it had risen to £1.20)
  • The average price of a house in the same year was £24,177 (by Jan 2017 it had risen to £235,000).**

If you had chosen to arrange a £100,000 life policy when you were 30 years old, imagine what it’s real value would be if a claim was made 35 years later? It’s fair to say that the £100,000 won’t go as far as you were hoping, if you take into account the rise in the cost of living.

When people arrange life insurance cover, an important consideration which is often overlooked, is the effect that inflation will have on the benefit as the years go by.

Arranging cover with an ‘index linked option’ allows the policy benefit to increase on an annual basis. This helps to offset the effects of inflation. Most policies can be arranged to increase in line with the retail price index, or in the case of some insurers, by a specific percentage eg 5 per cent per annum.

If your policy was arranged to provide your your partner or family, it is important to arrange your policy with an indexation option. As time goes by the real time value of the pay-out will decrease because of the effect of rising prices (inflation). That is to say that what you can buy for £100,000 today will not be the same in ten years’ time. You only have to look at your weekly shopping bill or the cost of fuel to see how prices have increased over the years. Index linking your Life Assurance policy will allow it to maintain its value.

We normally recommend an index linked policy. As your sum insured increases, your premium will also rise to reflect the increased benefit. If your policy premium is not increasing each year, it is worth checking your paperwork to check whether your policy is indexed or not.

If you find out that your current policy is not index linked and you would like to discuss the pro’s and con’s of changing to a policy that has this option, please give us a call.

We give no obligation advice and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote to help you decide whether it’s worth changing to an index linked life insurance policy.

When is a level term life insurance policy suitable (with no index linked option)?

The term ‘level’ means that the benefit will be a set or fixed amount which you will select when you take out the policy, eg £100,000 and the premiums can be arranged on a guaranteed basis, that is to say they will not increase throughout the term of the policy.

Level term cover (without an Index Linked option) is usually suitable for someone who is taking the cover out to protect a loan or a mortgage (particularly if it was arranged on an interest only basis). Therefore if the mortgage balance is £100,000 and the term of the loan is 20 years, a £100,000 level term policy based over a term of 20 years would probably be suitable.

Am I locked into the annual increases?

In short – No. Most providers allow an ‘opt out’. You will receive a letter from you insurance company every year informing you of your new premiums and benefits for the following year. At this stage you can opt out of the indexation, and your premiums and benefits will be frozen at their current levels.

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Other policies which are available and could well benefit from being index linked are:

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Whilst we will make every endeavour to help someone to arrange insurance, there is no guarantee of success. Please note that all life, critical illness and income protection quotes will be subject to full medical underwriting.


** The Office for National Statistics