The real-life claim experience  of a son after the passing of his father

The real-life claim experience of a son after the passing of his father

“I refer to the above policy number and would like to formally thank #### for the professional, caring and dignified service they provided to me and my family from start to finish, in relation to the matter.

My father obtained a policy of life insurance from an Adviser who worked for Future Proof called David Mead. He put it in place to make sure that his family were financially secure when he eventually passed away.  This policy was of course taken out in the hope that it would be years before it would be required.  

We received terrible news in February 2019 that my father was terminally ill at the age of 68. There was nothing medically or surgically that could be done to assist him.  This was terrible news to receive as no one in the family had expected things to go from routine surgery to my father being close to death. It was a particularly traumatic change in circumstances.

I was aware that the normal procedure would be for the policyholder to pass away and the policy would pay out on receipt of the death certificate.  I was also aware that one of the terms of my Father’s policy was that if a Doctor considered his condition as being terminal, that the insurer would consider a claim for an early payout of the policy.  

My father on his death bed, wanted my Mother to know that she was going to be financially secure at an early stage. He requested that I make contact with the insurer with a view to pursuing a claim against the policy early in light of his deteriorating health.

The claim procedure

I first made contact with #### in February 2019. I received a very prompt call the next day, at a time that was convenient for me, requiring me to answer certain questions.  This, of course, was a very daunting and uncomfortable phone call to take when I had only received the terrible news day earlier. 

The way in which this call was handled was a credit to #### and I was made to feel supported and at ease which was very comforting to me.  I was then quickly thereafter forwarded documentation to fill out. I only had to supply evidence about my father’s diagnosis, his current condition. There was also a form for my Father’s Consultant to fill out about prognosis etc.  The questions were pretty standard. They were not too complicated or difficult. Again, this provided me with great comfort because they did not require any undue effort or stress to fill out.

Last few weeks – happy and comfortable

I completed all of the forms as did the Consultant and these were submitted to #### to process the claim.  The claim was processed and payment was made within days.  I informed my Father that the policy had paid out. This provided him with a great deal of comfort in his last weeks knowing that my mother would be financially secure when he passed away.  I cannot explain how grateful I am to your staff in how they dealt with this matter.

In my Father’s last few weeks anything that made him happy and comfortable was a bonus to us as a family.  My Father advised me that if he got out of hospital he “would like to give the insurer a bit of business” as a thank you. Unfortunately, this did not transpire as sadly, my Father passed away on Tuesday 19th March 2019 in the Mater Hospital in Belfast.

 The early payout of his policy was a particular comfort to my Mother. Especially as she knew from an early stage that she was financially secure.  The service that I have received from #### has been second to none.  From my first making contact in February 2019, your staff have been nothing but excellent.  The information sought was not excessive. I wholeheartedly thank you for your excellent, empathetic, sympathetic, professional, caring and dignified service.  We will be forever in your debt and I would unreservedly recommend ####’s life insurance to anyone.

I thank you again for your support and help in relation to this matter.”

Mr. O November 2019

Many insurers offer this level of customer service and also excellent additional benefits. For more information on the percentage of claims paid in 2018 please click here: The protection industry pays out £5.3 billion in 2018.

Next steps

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