Mutual Benefits

Mutual Benefits

At British Friendly, they believe that loyalty should always be rewarded. Mutual Benefits is a programme designed exclusively for their members:

  • Mutual Rewards – Helping you save money on day to day spending and rewarding you for the time you’ve been a member
  • Mutual Wellbeing – Helping you stay on track of your health and wellbeing with wellness tools, tips and services
  • Mutual Support – Supporting you on your road to recovery or when you face life-altering health events
  • Mutual Partners – Bespoke offers from selected partners exclusively for British Friendly members

Clinic in a pocket

Clinic in a Pocket gives you and your family fast access to GPs, clinicians, physiotherapists, counsellors, specialist consultants to help you and your family better manage your health and wellbeing.

  • Digital GP Consultations -Unlimited sessions
  • Physiotherapy – 6 sessions
  • Mental Health Support – 6 sessions
  • Second Medical Opinions – 2 sessions
  • Health Check – 1 session

You can access your Clinic in a pocket guide HERE

Clinic in a pocket can be accessed by downloading the clinic in a pocket app for free on your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, simply select ‘register’ and enter the pin code sent to you by British Friendly via the Activation Invite e-mail or the Activation Guide.

Services are allocated on an annual basis.
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