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LV= Doctor Services

Providing you with expert medical advice and support wherever you are.

As an LV policyholder ( where you have bought your personal protection product after 6th June 2017 or business protection product after 3rd September 2018), you can access LV Doctor services. Where you are a parent or a guardian of children up to age 16, they will also have access to Remote GP services, prescription services and second opinion services.

The six expert medical services are:

  • Remote GP – speak to a UK doctor vis video or phone consultation up to five times a year
  • Prescription services – get a private prescription without the need to visit your GP
  • Second opinion – check a diagnosis and get advice on treatment options with a UK medical specialist, via video or face to face
  • Remote physiotherapy- receive remote access for up to five free sessions and receive a bespoke treatment plan
  • Remote psychological services- get access of up to five sessions of mental health support from a network of highly trained therapists
  • Discounted health MOTs – provide an assessment of overall health, identifying any health risks and areas of improvement


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