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Life claims

  • Almost one in seven life claims in 2021 were Covid-19 linked
  • Legal & General paid out on 1,579 claims
  • 98% of claims paid
  • £46,769 average per claim
  • £74 million in total -an increase of £34.6 million from 2020
  • Covid-19 related deaths, divided by 35% of life insurance claims coming from women, compared with 65% from men

Critical illness claims

  • Legal & General paid out on 2890 claims
  • 93% of claims paid
  • £72,473 average per claim
  • Claims totalled over £209 million
  • The main cause of claims was:
  1. 65.8% Cancer
  2. 13.4% Heart related
  3. 7.7% Stroke
  • The average age of the claimant is 48 years old, youngest claimant 24 years

Income protection claims

  • 417 income protection claims made in 2021
  • 81% of claims paid
  • The monthly average claim was £1,067
  • Claims totalled over £3 million
  • The main cause of claims was:


  1. musculoskeletal disorders (37%)
  2. cancer (12.5%)
  3. coronavirus (9.8%)

Non-payment of claims

With 97% of claims being paid out, the insurer stated that of the remainder, almost nine in 10 were not paid due to “deliberate or reckless misrepresentation”.

Financial support

David Banks, director of claims and underwriting at Legal & General, commented: “As we continue to come back from Covid-19, we remain focused on giving our customers and their loved one’s financial support when they need it most. But more has to be done to tackle misrepresentation.”

“We hope that increasing knowledge around the lifestyle and general health information required will minimise misrepresentation and help us support even more customers in their moment of need,” he added.

Source: Cover Magazine 2022

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