7 Families - meet Paul Norbert who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder

In 2014, the ground-breaking ‘Seven Families’ campaign was launched. The campaign provided financial support for one year to the breadwinners of seven families, who at the time, were unable to work through ill health, or as the result of an accident. It was backed by some of the biggest companies in the UK, and the charity Disability Rights UK and is still going strong today.

The families chosen are based in different parts of the country and are from various backgrounds.  However, all of them are experiencing the impacts of having a range of different health conditions and injuries.

7 Families – meet Paul Norbert who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder

In his mid-twenties, Paul Norbert was diagnosed with bipolar disorder—an often misconceived and vilified condition with far-reaching effects.

“Compared to other health problems bipolar and depression are still often affected by misunderstanding and stigma. It can affect every aspect of your life and your relationships,” Paul reiterates, “I want to be open and honest about the condition and help others who might be going through something similar. Many people don’t know what to say but just a few words of kindness can make a difference, even just asking how you are.”

Paul, now 44, was a driving instructor for many years but eventually succumbed to his bipolar diagnosis. He is working hard to get back on track and is especially grateful for the support of Seven Families.

Watch his story below:

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View the Norbert family timeline of events here

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