About British Friendly

British Friendly is a mutual Society, meaning that it is not owned by shareholders. It is managed and run solely for the benefit of its members. It was founded in 1902 to provide sickness benefits for Commercial Travellers, British Friendly has over a century of experience and expertise in serving its members.

British Friendly – How many Income Protection claims were paid in 2020?

As a mutual provider it is more flexible in its approach to claims and underwriting and has paid an average of 95% of claims over the last 16 years.

At British Friendly you get more than just Income Protection. They offer access to extra support and rewards for you and your family every day whether you claim or not and at no extra cost through our discretionary Mutual Benefits and BF Care programmes.

Mutual Benefits

Additional Benefits

Mutual Benefits is a discretionary programme available to both new and existing members at no extra cost which complements your Income Protection cover with British Friendly. Through Mutual Benefits access is provided from support to rewards for you and your family every day whether you claim or not.

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Clinic in a pocket

The Clinic in a Pocket app, powered by Square Health, is available to both new and existing members at no extra cost. Clinic in a Pocket gives you and your family fast access to GPs, clinicians, physiotherapists, counsellors and specialist consultants to help you and your family better manage your health and wellbeing.

These benefits are allocated on an annual basis and are discretionary benefits which means they can be withdrawn at any time. To access these benefits, British Friendly members must be age 18 or older, up-to-date on premium payments and UK residents. Mutual Benefits Terms and Conditions can be found here and the Mutual Benefits Privacy Policy here for more details. Further conditions may apply to individual benefits offered under the programme.

Claims paid statistics 2021

Maxine Jannetta, head of claims at British Friendly, explained: “We believe it’s important to show that insurers really do pay out, but we do so much more than just pay claims.”

“We support our members through rehabilitation, recovery and help them find ways to return to work, even if that’s a different occupation or reduced hours, in order to help them regain a sense of purpose as well as recover any financial loss.”

Full details on latest claims paid
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Useful contacts and numbers

Mutual Benefits Team can be contacted at mutualbenefits@britishfriendly.com or called on 01234 358 344 Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.

Make a claim
Call 01234 358 344

British Friendly will need to know:
Your policy number
Details of your illness or injury
Date of first absence from work due to your illness or injury and how long you’ve been off work for
How long you expect to be off work for (if known)
Preferred time of day for us to contact you – morning or afternoon
If you’re contacting us on behalf of a member, please explain your relationship and provide your contact details.