Policy Plus includes:

Second medical opinion service

The second medical opinion service, provided by RedArc, offers a confidential face-to-face consultation with a UK-based specialist to review your medical diagnosis.

Your will have a dedicated nurse allocated to you. They’ll discuss your  medical history, and gather the information needed to confirm if a second medical opinion is right for you.


At the consultation, the specialist will discuss your diagnosis, your test results and recommendations. You’ll be able to ask questions and consider any treatments available to you through the NHS or private care. The consultation will be local to where you live.

aegon policy plus

After the consultation, your client and their GP will receive a report that summarises the second medical opinion and any further recommendations.

Their dedicated nurse will continue to provide ongoing phone-based support, after the consultation, until you no longer need it.

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Health and wellbeing service

The health and wellbeing service, provided by Health Assured, is available 24/7 to support you and your immediate family, by providing access to confidential, compassionate counselling and on-demand web and mobile support tools.

They can provide support for a range of issues, including bereavement, medical diagnosis, emotional health, relationships, family concerns, finances, debt, legal issues, and consumer rights.

Qualified and experienced counsellors are available all day, every day and will tailor the support they provide to suit your individual needs and circumstances.