Ongoing Charity work at Future Proof

Future Proof Ltd is part of St. James’s Place Group Ltd (SJP). As such, we support the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation with donations and charity work. 

About the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation

The St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation is an independent charity regulated by the Charity Commission and established in 1992 by SJP to reflect the philanthropic interests of the business and the wider SJP community.

Since it was formed the Charitable Foundation has enabled positive and lasting change to millions of people, through the charities it funds. The funds for its grant-making activities are raised by the collective efforts of the SJP community and company matching which together has now raised over £126 million.

Who do we support?

The Charitable Foundation’s grant-giving is guided by 5 core themes:

  • Children and young people who have special needs through illness, or disability and those who are disadvantaged.
  • Hospice sector
  • Cancer support charities
  • Mental health support charities
  • Veterans

Since it was founded the Charitable Foundation has focused on supporting small to medium-sized charities, where it can have more of a transformational impact on the organisation and those it supports. Through a holistic support package of donating funds, providing volunteers and gift in kind activity it has delivered greater impact and more positive and lasting change. Over its history the Charitable Foundation has now supported over 4,000 charities in the UK and overseas.

How do we raise funds?

The SJP community actively engage in fundraising activities across the year to support the Charitable Foundation, from cake bakes, to golf days, sponsored events and ultra challenges, which are just a few of the ways the SJP community get involved. A core fundraising activity is regular giving through a monthly covenant scheme – over 80% of Partners and employees contribute to this, which represents about a third of the overall annual income.

All funds raised are then matched by the SJP business, who also support the day to day running costs of the charity, thereby making an even bigger impact to the amount raised by the SJP community.

Need more information?

If you would like to know more about the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation or wish to apply for funds, please contact the Charitable Foundation Office at or call 01285 878037.

For more information about the Foundation please click here.

East Surrey Hospital gardening project

In November 2023, our group of Future Proof volunteers returned to East Surrey Hospital and donated their time to clear and plant a garden, for the patients and staff to enjoy. Luckily the weather was on their side and the team thoroughly enjoyed the day!

7 adults with gardening tools stood in front of East Surrey Hospital
11 adults in high-visibility vests stood outside in woodland

Orpheus Centre – November 2023 volunteering

November was a busy month for our eager team of volunteers and this time they spent the day at The Orpheus Centre in Godstone, Surrey. This day involved clearing a large patch of the grounds, and again the November weather was kind and a great day was had!

Orpheus is a college that does incredible work teaching Life skills to Young Adults with Disabilities.  As well as being a specialist further education college, they also have 21 purpose-built flats available on site, to enable students to begin their journey of independence.

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Find out more about The Orpheus Centre
8 adults in high-visibility vests tidying a woodland area
11 adults in high-visibility vests, in a line holding gardening tools in a woodland area